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Karbon 09-11-2010 10:35

SIF TeAm Enigma2 Image For Vu+ Duo
r107 del 08/11/2010
Compilata per "VUDUO" (no SOLO)

il changelog è preso da tutti i commit fatti da skaman sul repository dalla versione r89(la prima per vuplus) ad oggi.

Updated usbtuners panel for new modules names (from kernel-module-* to v4l-dvb-module-*)
Updated enigma2 plugins to 20101107

Fixed pes init for old dvb api v3

Removed debug.patch from v4l-dvb .bb

Added compatibility with dvb api 5 to extuner
Others extuner enhancements

Added ntfs in kernelmodules panel
Added ntfs in modules init script
Fixed depmod in dmm v4l-dvb drivers
Added firmwares for dmm v4l-dvb drivers
Disabled MEDIA_ATTACH feature in v4l-dvb drivers
Fixed segmentation fault in extuner if thread doesn't start

r102 (only DM8000)
Increased dm8000 kernel revision in .bb
r101 (only DM8000)
Removed sdparm
Fixed dm8000 kernel patch in .bb

Deleted enigma2 proprietary license (keep only GPLv2)

Reorganized customized recipes folder

Removed wrong commited file

Updated enigma2 sources (20101105 7fd4241a1d7b8d7c36385860b24882636517473b)

r96 (for DM800SE)
Added fstab for dm800se

Added branch for dm kernel 7.4 test

Fixed kernel version dependency for v4l-dvb and vuplus decoders

Fixed vuplus makefile for extra and v4l-dvb

Updated crossepg to svn 128
Updated firmware on smsdvb (thanks to carlinux)
Fixed depencies for smsdvb
Fixed init script for smsdvb
Added v4l-dvb support for vuduo and vusolo

Fixed bug on ecm visualization on skin

Fixed vuplus bootlogo in make script

r89 (first version Vuplus)
Added support for vuduo and vusolo
Updated crossepg to svn 126


Karbon 15-11-2010 22:42

SifTeam Exteme Edition rev.136 Vu+ Duo
SifTeam Exteme Edition rev.136 vuplus-

Changelog preso dagli update dell'svn sif su google

Enabled wlan in vuplus machines
Fixed missing **** packages dependencies
Added blacklist support in busybox for vuplus (needed by usb tuners)
Added support for tuner TDA18218
Added extuner as default in vuplus
Fixed bad a867 package in usb tuners panel
Added "depmod -a" in dvbusb init script
SifTeam Exteme Edition rev.136 vuplus-vusolo

Removed old v4l-dvb sources
Fixed missing patch in vuplus v4l-dvb Fixed bootlogo in vuplus Restored enigma2 swloop patch in vuplus-vusolo
Removed old a867 package and patch
Removed swloop patch from vuduo image
Merged a867 driver into v4l-dvb
Updated modules init script
Updated modprobe.conf (fixed a867 and as102 in blacklist)
Merged AF9035 into main v4l-dvb
Added support for A825
Fixed bad pid add/remove handling
Updated checksums.ini with new vusolo modules checksums

Karbon 10-12-2010 15:11

SifTeam Enigma2 Extreme Edition vuplus r144 Vu+ Duo
SifTeam Enigma2 Extreme Edition vuplus r144 usb/nfi version


Removed old useless dvb-usb packages

Added a new thread for demuxer read/write in extuner

Decreased buffer size in extuner

Increased revision in enigma2 (missed in previous commit)

Added openee-version package

Added current svn version label in software manager

Added wireless support in kernel for vuduo

Copied vusolo kernel in customized recipes

Fixed bug in sifpanel hdd standby

Fixed bug in scrolllabel if lineheight is a floating < 1

Updated siano and nova-t usb stick firmwares (thanks to gianathem edg nemesis


With this release should be solved the problems for

As regards the network settings and has been improved

extuner management regarding the use of resources by

the dtt usb.

THX a SifTeam Team

Download NFI Image

Download USB Image

Karbon 04-01-2011 21:54


fix warning in the compilation of the driver RTL8187L
Removed panel "usb tuners"
Added panel "usb devices"
Preinstalled usbutils
Fixed bug on "end of line" in usbloader
Removed modprobe.conf (now is autogenerated from usbloader dictionary)
Added all usb dvb tuners in usbloader dictionary
Preinstalled on image all v4-dvb modules
Fix wrong patch on last commit for realtek rtl8187l
Big fix for sources code driver rtl8187l
Fixed rtl8187l preinstallation
Reverted latest updated of
Added wifi in vu+ machine configuration
Changed rtl8187l PN
Added rtl8187 as default in wlan task
Added wpa-supplicant as depency of enigma2 (needed on vu+)
Commented getChannelInfo from WirelessLan plugin (needed for rtl8187l)
Added usbloader
Moved modprobe.conf from extuner to usbloader
Added support crypto arc4 and michael_mic by default for rtl8187l
Missing file on last commit for Realtek RTL8187L (sources prepared by bobsilvio)
Driver for Wifi with chipset Realtek RTL8187L (BETA VERSION)
Readded vu+ machines with correct wpa-supplicant preferred version
Added libdvdcss2 as dependency of dvdplayer
Added missing font "Display" in skin.xml
Increased enigma2 revision
Fixed movie menu alignment issue
Small fixes on extuner
Added support for AverMedia A815M and firmware for af9015
Added support for DVB-T AverMedia A835/B835
Removed now useless customized vuplus machines configurations
Added folder (for now empty) for wifi drivers
Updated vuplus stuff to 20110101
Updated LCN scanner revision
Updated OE to 20101230
Updated enigma2 to 20101231 (80a99b08bd6e0932a420e805d928dc5ae5b80f61)
Upgrade enigma2 plugins to 20101230
Added LCN scanner
Updated crossepg



Karbon 21-01-2011 23:44

SifTeam Extreme Edition Vu+ Duo Rev_183
SifTeam Extreme Edition Vu+ Duo Rev_183

Karbon 29-01-2011 00:20

SifTeam Extreme Edition Vu+Duo Rev185


fix for usbtuner and blacklist driver



Karbon 30-01-2011 14:03

SifTeam Extreme Edition Vu+ Duo Rev 188

186 - Added Driver wifi rtl8187l by default in vuplus machine
187 - Fix Crash for vuplus wifi (tested in vu+duo), report if work in vusolo
188 - Fixed recognition usb dtt and wifi for usbloader at boot



Karbon 06-02-2011 14:04

SifTeam Extreme Edition Vu+ Duo Rev 189


Rev 189 - Added driver smartreader "smargo" by default and in usbloader list, only vid:0x0403 pid:0x6001 (untested)


Karbon 19-03-2011 18:16

SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition for Vuo+ Duo Image
8 Eklenti(ler)
SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition for Vuo+Duo Images

New Settings Loader Plugin
- With this plugin you can download Settings Directly from major settings creators,like Morpheus,Cyrus without lost your Dtt channel list
- Added possibility to install manual settings directly from zip/tar.gz/ipk file
- Many thanks to Morpheus883 and for joined the project. Other settings makers are welcome

New Lcn Scanner Plugin
-Totally Rewritten
-Reorder channels with national lcn list
-Use it after a standard dtt scan on enigma2 service searching
-If you enable "Italy" option lcn scanner will order your channel better with categories divisor,(if you want this option for other country just send a correct lcn xml file )

New SifPanel System
- Now you can personalize your panel like you want.Just add or remove the parameters that you use often.

New Software Manager
Now before installing plugin or skin,you can see a preview with some screenshoots

New Default Black Skin (see screenshoots)

- Autodetect usb dtt Drivers (see forum for the list) Fixed win nova mini stick

- Autodetect usb wifi drivers (see forum for the list) Fixed rt2870 \ rt3070 \ rtl8187l \

- Added Sm*rgo Support

Vu+ Duo Usb Version Download

memorist 19-03-2011 18:19

Tşk usta paylaşımın için deneyelim bakalım:)
yanlız PASSWORD: ne acaba göremedim

Saat 20:23.

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