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Hi everyone,

These are my personal compiles of OE. for the WeTek Core that I also distribute for various AML platforms.
Thanks Alex, WeTek and the OpenELEC Team

OpenELEC 7.0.0 / Kodi Jarvis 16.1 - New - 27.May.16
- A bunch of Jarvis bug fixes and additions like the EPG Search bug and Thumbnail cleaner option
- Fixed the 1080p<<--->> 2160p video playback picture Autosizing display problem.
- Flexible mpeg2/mpeg4 video acceleration options added for problem mpeg2 and xVid/mpeg4 files
- Added excellent quality YADIFx2 full motion deinterlacing to fix Interlaced DVD playback
- You can playback low bitrate 720p 10bit HEVC if you switch amcodec Hardware acceleration off.
- SSH Password changed to "ol", I'm sick to death of typing openelec

OpenELEC-WeTek Core-7.0.0 SD card image HERE
OpenELEC-WeTek Core-7.0.0.tar file HERE

Internal NAND Memory Installs

OpenELEC-WeTek Core-7.0.0.NAND.img.zip file HERE
OpenELEC-WeTek Core-7.0.0.NAND.update.zip file HERE
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