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Arrow wrxtasy'ın WeTek Core OpenELEC Derlemeleri.

Hi everyone,

These are my personal compiles of OE. for the WeTek Core I would like to share, the OpenELEC source code came from Codesnake's Github repo.
Thanks Alex, WeTek and the OpenELEC Team

OpenELEC 6.95.6 / Kodi Jarvis 16.0 RC1 - New 15.Jan.16
- Powerdown and startup OpenELEC from the remote control
- Interlaced mpeg2 .vob files from DVD ISO Rips will now play properly
- mpeg4 video content now Hardware decodes.
- Network connectivity fixed by WeTek.
- Browsing into .zip and .rar archives disabled by default for faster file browsing (see Settings > Appearance > File lists)
- Interactive CPU Governor used for improved Kodi Speed !!!!
- and finally Mali GPU video drivers updated for a tear free Kodi GUI, a very, very welcome update ! (Thanks CS)

OpenELEC-WeTek Core-6.95.6 SD card image HERE
OpenELEC-WeTek Core-6.95.6.tar file HERE

OpenELEC 6.0.0 / Kodi Isengard 15.2 final - 16.Dec.15
- all pvr clients included, go to Addons > MyAddons > PVR to find them (Same as OE 6.95.5)
- Boost Center Channel Audio Option on Downmixing added, for voice clarity on 5.1 > 2.0 audio systems
- fixed the Power Shutdown Issue
- mpeg4 and .vob patches as per below
- OSD codecs Skips patch
- added an option to turn on/off browsing into .rar .zip etc archives, to speed up browsing large file lists
- 4K video output should work (untested)
- my network connectivity is stable (but it always has been)
- 23Hz Pixel clock Kernel code, that previously was an OE linux patch reverted to improve 24p video sync

OpenELEC-WeTek_Core-6.0.0 SD card image HERE
OpenELEC-WeTek_Core-6.0.0.tar file HERE

Experimental 3D MVC Test Builds - 30.Dec.15
OpenELEC-WeTek_Core- file HERE

Dual Audio Test Versions.
OpenELEC-Odroid-WeTek_Core.6.0.0.Dual.Audio SD card image HERE
OpenELEC-Odroid-WeTek_Core.6.0.0.Dual.Audio.tar file HERE

Kodi Isengard Dual Audio Support HERE

Newbie Install Instructions HERE

WeTek OpenELEC Tutorials HERE

================================================== = ================

Tested with the very nice Jarvis compatible Skin Eminence 2.0 HERE

TvHeadend Server Update v4.0.7 (install from Zip in Kodi)
TvHeadend Server v4.0.7.zip HERE

Now for some very Cool shit (thanks to the RPi developer Popcornmix)
The ShaderToy Screensaver and Music Visualizer - it really is awesomingly awesome !!
Install from Zip - in the Add-Ons section:
ShaderToy HERE

Kodi Isengard 15.2 Final builds to come.
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