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Varsayılan Dikey WeTek Hub - [Marshmallow BASED] Android TV 2.4.1 [ROM]

This is a Custom ROM,
it is not officially supported by WeTek nor Google.
If something bad happens, nor me nor WeTek is responsible and you will probably loose your warranty!

That being said, I've been running this without any problems and this box is very easy to unbrick.

Android TV for WeTek Hub

  • Netflix available in the Play Store
  • Added back the telnet server
  • Added back the FTP server
  • Added back the HDMI-CEC language option to HDMI-CEC settings and disabled it by default
  • No more automatically switching to Korean
  • HD audio passthrough works correctly in apps like Netflix, Plex etc
  • DTS-HD is automatically downgraded to DTS if your AVR doesn't support it (except in Kodi)
  • Dolby Digital Plus is automatically downgraded to Dolby Digital if your AVR doesn't support it (except in Kodi)
  • This way, people can still enjoy Netflix in 5.1 without a supported AVR
  • Improved playback in Kodi and other apps that change the refresh rate
  • Don't do HDMI renegotiation everytime we switch channels on "Live Channels" or skip a video in SPMC wth Amcodec
  • Supports USB microphones
  • Voice search works with usb mic's and the Android TV remote app (Android, iOS)
  • WeTek Core Remote works out of the box, including the mic
  • Xiaomi Mix Box remote works out of the box, including the power button (mic doesn't work yet)
  • Sideload Launcher included
  • Power button at the bottom of the launcher
  • Can start apps on boot (go to "ROM Settings" in Settings)
  • Use Android TV accessory screen instead of the normal Android bluetooth screen when pairing a bluetooth device
  • X-plore replaces the default file manager of WeOS (Ugly but very functional. Go to settings and use the dark theme for a better look)
  • Remove AmLogic Movie Player app

  • Disable "Joystick Support" addon in Kodi for the back button to work.
  • This is a known issue of the current Kodi Krypton 17.1

Not working:
  • Google Cast (and probably never will)


  • v2.0
  • - Initial release

Download: (Link not available. The ROM has a bug, will fix ASAP)
Download the zip, put in an sdcard, go to recovery and flash it.
Dual boot will still work
First boot will take some time, do not worry

If you come from the stock ROM (or a V1.x of this ROM), make a factory reset in the recovery before flashing or you may have problems

Recommended: Android TV Remote app (Android, iOS)

Donations: Paypal

Thanks to: @wrxtasy for extensive testing and features suggestions

Hayırlı uğurlu olsun.

Teşekkürler: Ricardopvz

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