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Mega OScam 11286 (8.1286.733 ) guru sürümü .


Fix regression introduced r11282 (fake class 0 on provider with valid classes)
- Add support of ORF P4 Irdeto mode
- Patch provided and tested by Optimum Power
- Fix for Ticket #4517
- Don't break on max streampids reached, just don't add any more!
- Fix copy/paste error from r11246 -> each EMM Pid took 2 instead of 1 -> causing overflows in some usecases
- Add overflow protection to ECM and EMM pids!
- Revert r11250 since its breaking stuff on VU+ boxes zapping around
- Restore class option for viaccess card in webif (Tnx Pr2 for patch!)
- fix for ticket #4522
- Fix for local card with caprovid 00000000. Happens when oscam is patched with emu
- Add log/msg for peer on-offline, authentication and connection lost
- Add OSD notification for incoming GSMS
- OSD feature enabled by suitable 'msg.osd' in tmp_dir
- Add and update some debug log outputs
- Entitle providers present on card that dont have any classes
- Some code cosmetics
Tnx Pr2 for signaling this bug and necessary card details to get it fixed properly
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