Tüm Versiyonu (Orjinalini) Göster : Off image 24.3.2006

24-03-2006, 20:02
tdimage_2006_03_24.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15)
- bugfix: MP3-Player allowed to call the setup-menu system, which was wrong.
- bigfix: with default parameters for OSD-size and position in NTSC-mode, the
last line of the menu was overdrawn by the footer help-line due to
wrong size calculations.

tdimage_2006_03_23.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15)
- bugfix: another fix to prevent displaying wrong event as current event in
the infobar.
- change: enabled EPG-button also inside PVR, because EPG does not allow the
user to zap to a different service. So it's secure to use the EPG
also if a recording is currently in progress.
- new : iitial version of a spectrum analyser. Please note: the analyser
is not yet able to handle special LNBs like Inverto Unicable and
is not able to drive motorized dishes. Tis will be added into one
of the next releases. At this time, the analyser is working on the
baseband signal. QPSK related functions will be added in the future.

tdimage_2006_03_22.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15)
- bugfix: recording produces zero sized files due to missing clear of a flag.
- bugfix: if the HDD-option "stay visible" was set from no to yes, the HDD
was not mounted automatically.
- bugfix: more time/date checks for the current event in the infobar to
prevent displaying outdated events transmitted sometimes from
some providers.

tdimage_2006_03_19.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15)
- bugfix: next event shows duration 0 min for empty events (seen on MTV-
services on Astra)
- bugfix: inputboxes with 3 buttons didn't show the button outlines and the
button text.
- new : tdontrol-plugin: Enabled commands "channellist?mode=td-extra" and
"channellist?mode=td-favorites" in cgi
NOTE: special TD channellist commands are handled
by plugin now, so all channel properties are correct
now (no more faked items inside)
- change: some texts in the menu are wrong.
- update: Czech, Greek and Germn translations.
- new : Danish translation.
- bugfix: Timeout for infobar was not stopped, if a color-button was pressed
while the infobar was visible.
- bugfix: UTF-8 characters could cause a unwanted linebreak in messageboxes,
menus, EPG, ...
- bugfix: Possible fix for recordings-without-sound bug.
NOTE: Please check as much as possible if it really fix it and report
if bug still remains for you.
- change: added ported versions of MP3-player and drtic Subtitler Plugins.
- bugfix: removed to much redrawing of infobar to prevent flickering.

tdimage_2006_03_15.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15)
- new : fully rewritten low level graphic layer, which mainly solves all
of the GUI-slowdowns seen in previouse version. This new graphic
stuff caused fully incompatibility to old plugins. So do not try
to run older plugins. They will only cause crashes. At the moment,
except the MP3-Player and drtic, all plugins, which comes within
our images, are ported and present in this image.
- bugfix: tdontrol-plugin: if error on downloading picture occured, the
application crashed.
- new : tdontrol-plugin: command "gas" returns the number of the actual
selected service
- new : tdontrol-plugin: Added some commands to support tuxvision & mgrab:
"zapto" returns current channel namber in hex
"zapto?getpids" returns current vpid + apid
"zapto?hex-channel-number" zap to channel
"channellist?mode=td-extra" lists some additional
info like provider and pids (sat pos & TP data are
faked for now).
- bugfix: missing kerning-entries in the systemfont makes some character
combinations (i.e. rn) difficult.
- new : Danish language support for the GUI.
- bugfix: memory leak in filebrowser.
- bugfix: DynDNS changed answer from checkip.dyndns.org a little bit, which
caused the DynDNS-Plugin to fail.
- new : WLAN WEP-Key input field now allows to input a key for 128 bit WEP-
encryption (key is 13 byte - 104 bit). If you encounter problems
in connecting to your access point, please enable ESSID-broadcast
in your access point. if this also failes, try to set the channel
used by your access point manually in the Wireless setup by pressing
the uncommented red button.
- bugfix: post-recording time was not aplied correctly.
- new : completely rework of the infobar. You will not see much of it. The
only visible change is, that the PVR recording info is shown at the
right side instead between scrambling info and audio info. Note,
you will notice flickering. This will be fixed soon.
- chage : tdontrol-plugin: Reimplemented "channellist" support in plugin which
allows parsing all necessary channel data very easy.
- new : tdontrol-plugin: Added "channellist?mode=td-favourites" mode.

24-03-2006, 22:25
Hocam türkiye versiyonuda gelir herhalde.Teşekkürler.

24-03-2006, 22:39
O pek belli değil belki gelmeyedebilir bu sefer...

24-03-2006, 22:43
canınız sağ olsun be hocam

24-03-2006, 22:44
Hocam bunda kartı çalıştıramadım.Her ikisinide.

24-03-2006, 23:17
Off image o çalışmaz normal off emusuz sadece official conax kartları destekler..

24-03-2006, 23:27
Açıklamaların için teşekkürler hocam.Öğrenmiş oldum.

25-03-2006, 00:58
there are three bugs in the image published above. If you have no rotor and if you only use the english menu, you do not need to update to this updated version.

tdimage_2006_03_24-2.bin (min. requiered: 8MB_image_0_10_0-3_29-2005_11_15)---------------------------------------------------------------------------- bugfix: if no rotor was configured and the user calls the rotor setup menu, the error message about missing rotor was shown, but if the user respond to the message, he only saw an empty setup screen.- bugfix: in rotor setup it was not possible to input the latitude, because the buttons where albeled as E/W instead N/S.- bugfix: text on all buttons on input boxes are not translated into the selected language.

22-02-2009, 00:06
elinize sağlık.