Tüm Versiyonu (Orjinalini) Göster : Gemini 4 OE25 Experimental Dreambox 920 UHD 4K

23-09-2018, 12:43
Gemini Project 4 for all DMM models

Flash a Gemini Project 4 Image:

The images (based on Dream Property or Merlin) and flashed as usually.
These images include the Blue Panel, File Browser and the Addon Manager.

Manuall installation in an image of your choice:

Installation via CLI:

Connect with the Dreambox using SSH / Telnet, and execute the following command.

wget -O /tmp/geminilocale_all.deb http://download.blue-panel.com/krogo...minilocale.php && dpkg -i /tmp/geminilocale_all.deb
Reboot the Dreambox. Now you can install the GP4 plugins over the Extention Manager of Dreambox OS.