Tüm Versiyonu (Orjinalini) Göster : Humax Turbo Suite 2.3.7

26-12-2007, 11:09
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Humax Turbo Suite 2.3 Eye Of Horus
By Humax Turbo Team.
-HTT Humax Patch checker (HPC) fix for ToH3.4_HoT9.4 changes
-HTT Humax 5400Z To Plus Converter (ZPC) for ToH3.4_HoT9.4 changes
-Live Update for firmwaredatabase include downloading the lastest available ToH-HoT Patch.
-Live Update for Key.bin from HTT site.
-HTT Pref Editor is independent now. (you can use it with a patch does not contain preferences module).
-Include TPS.bin in Add Files To Patch.
-TPS.bin to hdfbin-3-006000.raw converter.
-HTT Preferences Editor with RAM Read (Beta)
-HTT Humax 5400Z To Plus Converter
--Generate Flash Reset.
-Download Satellites.zip for PMCTool (Use Import Option in PMCTool)
-HTT Turbo Scan and Fix
Fix Killer raw files.
Analyzing raw files which have extra bytes.
-HTT Preferences Editor (Beta)
-Extract and Merge Key.bin (with Fix Pref CRC)
-HTT Theme Editor.
-Extract and Merge Theme (hdfbin-1-120000) (No Protection bypassing included)
-Theme Viewer
-Add Resize ,splitters to HTS. (Layout enhancements)
-HPC 3.0
- Open/Add .csv files.
-Verify Duplicate raw buffrs.
- Open/Add .raw files.
-Verify firmwaredatabase signature.
-Live Update for firmwaredatabase.
-Verify Tux/HZU/HTT signature.
-Verify HoT checksum.
-Display HoT About Text.
-Verify Killer MOD 2.
-Verify Files CRC from firmwaredatabase.
- Pack/Unpack.






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