Tüm Versiyonu (Orjinalini) Göster : A detailed HOW TO for Card Sharing with GBox and our beloved Sammy!!

03-12-2007, 20:21
M8s, translate this into other languages, please... :muhaha:

Card Sharing is:

connecting your receiver [in this case Samsung DSR 9500 VIACI] with a specific SW in your receiver [in this case Gold Emu 4.x by Maestro MAHDI, plus GBox (installed on your PC!) by Maestro TaGana and the possy]

with your friends' receivers or PCs.

They will have Original Smart Cards [OSCs] you do NOT have, in order to watch the programs those OSCs open.

You connect with them via the internet.

With CS you have those cards virtually. But you can still watch the programs those OSCs can open, provided your friends are constantly "online" and you can connect to their receiver or PC.

Your Sammy, btw, is connected to the net via your PC. It is done via a Serial port at the back of your Sammy to the Serial Port on your PC. A "straight" 9 pin Serial Cable is used. Meaning: the wires are connected 2->2, 3->3, 9->9 etc. I am not sure if ALL the 9 pins are connected. Check it out on the net.

And now the "How to" in small steps:

First, create a DynDNS account. It's free.

Go to w*w.dyndns.org ->
go to “Account”/"create account”.
Once you enter all the details and create an account, get the confirmation email go to ->
There you will select Dynamic DNS [even if your IP doesn't change all the time, but very rarely] ->
then select “Add Dynamic DNS”.
Just create the name you want and do not use Enable wildcard or Mailexchanger.
Click Add host.
It's done!!

After that put the DynDNS details into your Router to enable your DynDNS Service updater in it, so DynDNS Service is updated every time you change your IP address and your friends can find you through the DynDNS address. Namely, in your router's DDNS options [if you have more than one]:
choose DynDNS, then ->
put your newly created DynDNS username, then
password, then
Hostname [like myname.dyndns.org - this is just an example, create your own name!!].

That address you just created is always going to be the same, even though your IP address might change every time you logon/get online/boot your PC.
Now SAVE all that or APPLY or ENABLE, whatever is in your Router's interface.

OK so far? :mefta:

After that you need to forward some ports in your Router. That allows your GBox to go to the net and connect with other PCs, in this case a Server with your friends' cards, the stuff you want to watch...

Now, install UltraEdit32 on your PC. Why? Because you need to sort your cwshare.cfg yourself. Here is the template you need to Copy and Paste into UltraEdit 32, NOT Notepad, Wordpad or anything else!!!

In cwshare.cfg you will edit the yourdyndns.org and yourfriendsdyndns.whatever with the data you are given from the people you trust, like theirport but also yourport, the one you assign to your GBox, so it can go to the net. Also yourpass and hispass! JUST REPLACE THEM AS INDICATED BELLOW, IT IS EASY!!! Don't give up on me now!!! :manga:

That's all you need to do for Sammy GBox to work your CS magic. Nothing else. No other files except cwshare.cfg!!!

Lines with # in front are not taken into account, do not matter, these are explanations. Leave them be.

M: { your.dyndns.org { yourpass }}
# Internet Friends port range password cod
D: { yourfriendsdyndns.whatever { yourport theirport { hispass { A3 A3 }}}}
# allow maximum 3 share level for recieved card data
I: { 3 }
# Send ECM's at maximum 7 cards (please use this as default)
X: { 7 }
# 01 repeat EMM's
# 00 consider every EMM only once
# 01 restart pid on overflow
# 1* reset ENX on every channel change
# *1 check/reset ENX freezes on FTA
# *2 check/reset ENX freezes on PayTV
# *3 check/reset ENX freezes on FTA and PayTV
# 00 write nothing in atack.txt
# 01 write into atack.txt: password is wrong
# 02 write into atack.txt: ID unknown
# 04 write into atack.txt: IP is wrong
# 08 write into atack.txt: port is wrong
# 10 write into atack.txt: share.stat
# 20 create online.log for online/offline logging
# 3F write everything. (combine bits for other combinations)
# 5000 send ecm again after 5 Seconds if no reply.
# 7000 resync decode after 7 Seconds if net decode failed
N: { 01 01 03 00 5000 7000 }Your pass will be 8 signs, letters from A - F, if memory serves, numbers from 1-9.

Just Copy and Paste this into your Ultra Edit 32 and edit CAREFULLY, preserving the empty slots [pauses/breaks], then Save.

==============To recapitulate:=================

You have created a DynDNS account and enabled it in your router.

You have installed UE32 and created a GBox folder [just unpack your GBox in that folder] on your PC.

In your cwshare.cfg file, that is a part of GBox CS SW, you have put your DynDNS details and the password for your GBox, plus the ports you have opened in your Router for it to operate freely.

You have also put your friend's details [their DynDNS address, password and port they opened for you to hook onto their GBox server] into the cwshare.cfg.

Now reboot your PC, just in case, put your Sammy on Standby, then restart it at the back with the power switch, just in case. I.e. kill the power at the back, wait for 10 seconds, turn it back on again, wait for the clock to appear on Sammy's display.

When all is ON again, as described above, start your Sammy with your Remote and put it on a scrambled channel [with just 1 system of encryption, preferably not NDS/Videguard, as it's difficult].

Start your GBox with the newly edited cwshare.cfg, that you put into the GBox folder.

You should see a new black window on your PC, with something like "Hello to..."

Then "Hello from..." [your friend] should appear. That is IF you are connected, if everything is properly sorted.

Change the channel to another encrypted channel in the same package, as described above [1 system of encryption].

Hopefully you will see the picture now. If not -> change the CAID/ID manually.

To do that press Exit on your Remote until you see CAID options, then press the arrows up or down to change CAID and each time you do it press OK button on your remote, too. Wait to see the picture. You will also see the new info in your GBox window on your PC. As in "CW received from..."

See bellow for Gold Emu Menu options.

=================A few more notes:====================

GBox 2.1b as such [the one MAHDI adapted to Sammy] has a silly bug, so frequently isn't working and only resetting everything, including rebooting your PC AND Sammy will work.

Sammy on its own is also a bit silly sometimes, as the Gold Emu easily looses EPG etc. In those cases I restart it by killing it with the power button at the back, for some 10 seconds, after putting it to Standby.

When you start the GBox in your Firewall you will have the GBox active under programs and it must have the free access to the net. Give it the permission it needs.

In your Router you must do the Port Forwarding. In my modem it's under Applications and Gaming -> Port Range Forwarding.

You name an application [say GBox for your GBox CS SW or maybe name it after your friend, as you may open many ports for GBox and each should be named after your friend].

Put the Port Range as follows:

-your port [the one you have to give to your friend to put into his cwsahre.cfg, together with your DynDNS and Pass] and the same port should be in Start and End little box, then UDP or Both Protocols, and add your IP address, plus tick it at the end, so it is active. {At least that is how it is in my Linksys Router.}

-his port - the one he gave you, where you will be let into his machine, just do the same as above but name it after your friend, so you know which one is which.

-check your address by clicking on the Network Icon in the Systray -> Support and you'll see it. Occasionally it may change, if you get another device connected to the network, so check it, if GBox is not working. It looks normally something like or so.

Now go to the bottom of the page and SAVE SETTINGS! If you did it the right way it should all be saved and you will see it the way you want it to be right in front of you.

If you've done it all properly, if you have the correct details of a Server, your GBox will say Hello to... then he will respond with Hello from... Change the channel and wait for the picture. Sometimes you need to choose the CAID manually and press OK for each CAID.

Also, in the Sammy Emu Menu I have:

Emu to ON,
EMM to ON,
Sharing Mode to SSSP,
Channel CA Info to NOT SHOW.

Cheers and good luck!!

[I need a drink after all this... After that I need a holiday... FFS...:mefta:]

03-12-2007, 20:24
In addition to the latest version of the SW:

So, with RG EMU 5.7 we have the GBox once again - but now as an external application completely, since our beloved Sammy's memory is very limited...

Ergo, we must install it to our PC and start it from there as follows:

1) Download RG EMU by Maestro MAHDI v. 5.7 [SamsungDSR9500_RVGOLD_v5.7] and GBox Sharing SW [DSR9500GboxSharingv1.1]. Put them in the same folder.

2) Unpack RV GOLD. Rename README into RV Readme or something like that.

3) Delete GBox Folder. Click once on it and then press SHIFT + DELETE on your keyboard, then press ENTER.

4) Unpack GBox Sharing into the same folder. Just right click on the file and then EXTRACT HERE with WinRar or WinZip program.

{Program your beloved Samsung with the new RG EMU 5.7 if you haven't done so as yet, of course. The HOW TO is in this section.}

5) Put your properly sorted cwshare.cfg file into GBox folder.

{Put your Samsung on an encrypted channel you know will be opened by the server you are sharing with, of course..:manga:}

6) Start the CS program by double clicking on it: DSR9500GboxCS.

7) Now choose the COM port to which you connected your Sammy, plus choose the Debug option, too.

8) Click on CONNECT.

9) Go to GBox folder and there double click on the gbox program itself.

10) Change the channel.

Wait for it to open...

If everything is as it should be in your cwshare.cfg and if you forwarded the ports etc., as we already explained it all here in detail - it should work!

You'll see "Hello to..." and then "Hello from...", the changes of CAID etc. etc. on your monitor...

MAHDI states in his README, regarding the EMU Menu:

To get it working ensure that GBOX is running with no F: { 01 } line & config on EMU menu
- Emulator ON
- Emm OFF
- Sharing Mode SSSP V2.0Don't worry about the F Line, as it's already sorted in the included relevant file...

Good luck!!!



Now it's much easier, as you know, guys.

Download the EMU v. 5.8 and unpack. Then replace 5.8 with 5.9 BIN EMU file.

As you start the Sammy's Share SW - it'll automatically start the GBox and it's a breeze...

Wrooom, wrooom... On we go!!!!!!!! What an excellent piece of work this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO MAHDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Now it's much easier, as you know, guys.http://www.satpimps.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

Download the EMU v. 6.1 and unpack. Program it into your Sammy.

Download this SW for CS and extract - it will create its own folder, don't worry.

As you start the Sammy's Share SW - it'll automatically start the GBox and it's a breeze...http://www.satpimps.com/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif

Provided you have all else sorted properly - wrooom, wrooom... On we go!!!!!!!!http://www.satpimps.com/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif What an excellent piece of work this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRAVO MAHDI!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.satpimps.com/forum/images/smilies/cool.gif

The SW is at www dot papagen . net or something like that... ;)

03-12-2007, 21:06
Thanks for this largest and detailed explanation, I hope, that somebody translates this to our language.


05-12-2007, 12:10
You welcome, m8! My pleasure!:cuara:

And good luck with the forum!:)

Btw, teshekur ederim for your hard work!