Tüm Versiyonu (Orjinalini) Göster : Sammy Revolution Gold v4.2-4.3

14-01-2007, 03:27
====Sammy Revolution Gold v4.2====2006.12.21====

-Add TPSCrypt3 algo
need daily tps.bin(Upload With DSR Studio V1.1)
-Some bug in emu menu & keyeditor menu fix
-Some bug with viaccess card fix

-change again Structure BISS!

VEDIO PID(last byte) + AUDIO PID(last byte) + SID PID(last byte) + PMT PID(last byte) + Key

File Name: Samsung_DSR9500_Rv_G_v4.2.bin
File MD5: 69E37070C31B60F3CAA498ADAB428554
File CRC32: D2725449

====Sammy Revolution Gold v4.3 ====2007.1.13====
-Fix Some bug on keyeditor
Now you can delete keys with replace 00
007C00 08 0000000000000000
-Fix Some bug on SSSP (gbox)
-Fix Some bug on Nagra2
-change again Structure BISS
Frequency(HEX) + SID PID(last byte) + PMT PID(last byte) + Key
-Fix Many bug!
Now FW Is Very Stable

File Name: Samsung_DSR9500_Rv_G_v4.3.bin
File MD5: 8F677AD08017CFF30A3C23BED045C3D0
File CRC32: B6E5FEC2