Tüm Versiyonu (Orjinalini) Göster : Relook Linux based and great but cheap[er] receivers!!!

16-06-2006, 12:04
I expect these receivers to take over the world and enslave Rupert Mierdoch in the process... That would be the only justifiable slavery episode in the history of Mankind!!:tongue: :biggrin:

Please, search the net for 400s, which is around 200 Euros cheaper than the Dreambox equivalent...


relook 400s is a double tuner linux based digital satellite receiver.
i use it from one month.

it has a stop in development at the beginning from dgs but it seems now it's
again ok.

in these images some emu of db is working well i.e. ccam, but in general
it is possible to use some particular version i.e. mgcamd10 and not the last one.

in cs it is possible to use it as client or server.
available? yes

price more or less 200 euro less than db 7025.
it's clear it has different development but for me is working good.

hope this help you

ps it works with all the cams in commerce


EWBOX 1.26 image released

NewBox Image for 400s

/Based on Rudbox 1.25/

-G**x 2.25
-CCcam 1.1.0+ Newcs 1.9
-New Geckow 1.01 webinterface.
-Soft-keksz update from menuscript.
-A*S keksz update from script.
-Edited SAT list only European satellites.

MenU+0=restart emu
MenU+1=start cccamd
MenU+2=start evocamd (deleted emu)
MenU+3=start gbox
MenU+4=update soft keksz
MenU+5=update aes keksz
MenU+6=emu info

Thanx to Strummer from Dudez!!

For the near future the 510s series should be unbelievable, in relation to the price...


I don't buy Dreambox stuff out of principle - not dealing with people who destroy other people's property [the MM fiasco + their associates dealings with another firm destroying the white Titanium cards etc.]...:odunkes:

Reelbox is just ridiculously expensive, thanx to its GB team wanting to do the lot [coding] from scratch and get extra money for it, so they are coding it regionally [what a bollony that is!!!] and hence pricing it out of the range of all of us mere mortals... [fancy a £850 price tag for the UK version of the top of the line box?] thanx to their greed... As if the German coders of Reelbox have no idea what they are doing...:no:

Now, the Relook will have it all - much more than I need - for less, it seems to me...:iyyy: :mzk:

16-06-2006, 12:06
Found on a Dutch site:

Relook 400S - € 338,95.
(Harddisk.: 200 GB/HD (+107.95))
euro 446.90

Advanced Features

Application and Expansion
LINUX O/S enables ultimate applications to fulfill the customer's need
Linux open source(some parts under the terms of GPL, accordingly expandable)

Max.Two Channels Recording and One Prerecorded File Playback
Enjoy enhanced watching and recording of TV programs
Simultaneous Double Descrambling on Viaccess CAM
Watching 1 Viacess ch. while recording another Viacess ch. with only 1 Viacess CAM. Playback of prerecorded programs without Viacess CAM
Simultaneous Double Descrambling on 2 CI CAMs
Watching 1 scrambled ch. while recording another scrambled ch. by using 2 CAMs. Play back of prerecorded programs without CAMs.
Playback without CAMs
Playback on a prerecorded scrambled program without CAM
Almost Unlimited Channel Memory
10,000 channels
Variable HDD Size is Applicable
Production from 40GB up to 250GB or above
Enhanced Search Channel Option
Search by all satellite
Search by satellite/ network
Search by all TP scanning
Unlimited Trick Play
Unlimited trick play on any of Real Time Live Programs/ Recording Program/ Playback on Prerecorded Program
Smart EPG
Automatically updates Program Info. EPG shows by all Satellites/ Search programs by Genre on the EPG
Enhanced Recording Plan
Timer setting/ User friendly designed EPG
Enhanced Playback
Skipping commercials/ Edit prerecorded files on PC
USB Connection to PC
PC Editor via USB connection(USB 1.1 supported)/ Enhanced program utility
Ethernet port supported

Specifications are impressive!! :)

Part Type

Tuner(twin) & Channel Type
IBM's PowerPC405
Speed 350MIPS
Data/Instruction Cache 16KB/16KB
Input Conne
2 x IEC169-24 female(F-type)
Loop through Connector 2 x IEC169-24 female(F-type)
Frequency Range 950MHz to 2150MHz
Loop through Out Impedance 75 ohms nominal
LNB Control Band selection 22 KHz tone
Switch DiSEqC 1.1/1.2 /1.3(USALS)
Polarization 13/18V (400mA Max/per each)
MPEG Transport Stream & A/V Decoding Transport Stream ISO/IEC 13818-1 Specification
Aspect Ratio 4:3, 16:9 with pan vector
Video Resolution 720 x 576(PAL)
Audio Decoding MPEG-1 Audio Layer 1,2


Ethernet RJ-45(10Base-T/100Base-TX)
Flash Memory
Conditional Access System Common Interface 2 slots PCMCIA TYPE 2 / DVB CI standard
smartcard 2 slots
(Xcrypt CAS, firecrypt CAS embedded)
RF-Modulator RF-Connect 75ohm, IEC 169-2, Male/ Female
Output Frequency 470MHz to 860MHz
Output Channel CH 21-69
TV Standard
A/V & Data In/Out TV SCART 1 x SCART
RCA Video x 1, Audio x 2
Data Interface 9 Pin D-Sub, RS232C
Power Supply Input Voltage AC90-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 50W max.
(Under 7W max. at stand-by mode
Physical Specification Size (W x H x D) 375mm x 60mm x 280mm
Weight About 3 .5kg
Part Feature
User Interface Multilanguage User Interface
Contents Subtitling: VBI-insertion & OSD Teletext Supported
Enhanced EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
10,000 Channels Programmable
Digital Audio Capable of Dolby Digital Bit streaming out
Install Quick& Easy installation
S/W Embedded Linux (Kernel 2.6.9)
HDD Management 80 Gbytes HDD- about 40hours contents recordable or user selectable(AV or CE Purpos)
Auto HDD management (with diverse options.)
Recording Enhanced recording schedule management (automatic HDD capacity control)
EPG search for schedule recording
Recorded contents parental lock
Recorded contents managing
Instant record
Alert the conflict (more than two channels are scheduled at same time case)
Enhanced Recording Plan by timer setting/ EPG
Recall function among Real Time Live Programs/ Recording Program/ Playback of Prerecorded Program
Playback Multi-timeshifting function(FF, RW, Play, Stop, Various playing speed option)
Bookmark function
Repeat between specific regions/ whole program

RTC (Real Time Clock) :iyyy: :ters: :mzk:

16-06-2006, 12:07





higland team and


neumo 2.81
without emu and kkkkkeeeeysssss

with ccam and mgcamd (kkkkkk only for ref put your own)
and newcs working an all two cardreaders (tested with skifo italia ndz)

RedBox rev8.6 PAL RC2
with neumo inside

gbox2.24 and mgcamd working well
but not yet tested by me

Thanx to Strummer!:mzk:

16-06-2006, 12:08
New Relook 510 series announced for a bit later on...?:p

relook 510 Series

Personal Video Recorder with Linux and Built in MPEG 4 HD and MPEG 2 HD Capable to two room service with DGS’ Client


Twin Tuner PVR + Ethernet + Linux OS + Client DGStation is now developing this highly advanced product for the future trend of digital market. The product can support not only basic function of PVR but also Internet Protocol based interactive broadcasting service including NVOD and VOD services, Home shopping, Home banking, email etc.

2 different channels at 2 room at the same time can be viewed by different users.

We are focusing on both open and closed market in Europe, Middle East, and North America. Front Rear DGS’ Client


􀁺 Linux OS : Kernel version 2.6.9 Capability for Porting Various User Applications
􀁺 MPEG-2 digital and fully DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T compliant
􀁺 Two tuners : One Channel Watching and Two Channel Recording
􀁺 Two Channel Recording and One File Playback Simultaneously or watching one another channel
􀁺 Multi-Time Shifting Function with a Live Channel
􀁺 Bookmark Function with commercial skip Supported
􀁺 Recoding capacity : for example, 44 hours for 4Mbps stream with 80GB HDD
􀁺 Playback of the selected region repeatedly
􀁺 Photo Album Function
􀁺 USB 2.0 supported for HDD, USB memory stick, Keyboard
􀁺 USB 1.0 supported for PC
􀁺 Network Interface Supported( high speed Ethernet)
􀁺 VFD Display : Capability for display of various information
􀁺 SCPC and MCPC receivable from C/Ku-band satellites
􀁺 10,000 channels TV & radio programmable
􀁺 Channel list editing 􀁺 Favorite channel list editing
􀁺 True-color On-Screen Display (OSD)
􀁺 Full Picture In Graphic (PIG) function
􀁺 Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for on screen channel information
􀁺 Subtitle & Teletext Subtitle supported
􀁺 Parental lock facility by channel and program event
􀁺 supported Real PIP with two MPEG 2 Decoder
􀁺 Can be supported to IP advertising by MPEG 4 streaming
􀁺 Supported VOD through the IP depends on availability of supports on operator
􀁺 Two room service with DGS’s Client

Amongst other things:

Profile & Level: MPEG-2 MP@ML, MP@HL, MPEG4 AP@HL/H.264, WMV9, WMA 9 and Pro

Digital interface for HDTV: HDMI

[etc. etc.]

Let the games begin... :ehehe: :iyyy: :mzk: