Tüm Versiyonu (Orjinalini) Göster : Old dual Kaon - any SW for it, guys?

16-06-2006, 12:00
I gave it away to a friend so do not have the details but...

It is dual receiver: terrestrial and satellite, has a Conax CAM built in and 2 CI slots, was working well with BB Silver and Titanium cards.

It does not allow the original sound to be heard on a subcarrier and that drives me bonkers...:odunkes:

Any SW for OLD Kaons, m8s, please?:confused:

I will put the details later on on Sunday...:toplu:


21-06-2006, 13:06

25-06-2006, 23:53
OK, the Menu says:

System Information

model: KTSC-510CO
last update: July 12th 2002
S\W: 1.0.0
H\W: 1.0.0
Loader: 1.0.7

So, Kaon Terrestrial Satellite Combo receiver - 510 Conax embedded and 2 CI slots [I think]...

Is there anything new in terms of SW, please? :confused:

It can't open the original sound sub-carrier, for instance etc., so it's driving me nuts...:odunkes:

Otherwise a nice little rec...:)

Thanx a bunch!!:mzk: